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==Random Resources==
==Random Resources==
[[NYC Sticky Storm]]
[[NYC Sticky Storm]]

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Random Resources

NYC Sticky Storm

NYC Remote Chat Day 1

NYC Day 2 chat


Polarizing statements

"I refuse to engage with people who are not communicating respectfully"

some people *very* strongly agreed with this

others were half-and-half, "I can always walk away"

Missed the exact wording, but something about personal technology separating us

"New things are happening in online interaction vs. amplification/extension of existing interactions."

The scale of online interaction requires people to think more quickly

Hashtags are a sort of immersion we haven't seen much of before

It's possible to access a lot more types of lived experience more easily now



  • Nonviolent communication (Ed P)


  • Human resources standard practices (?)
  • Violent communication
  • Coercion, persuasive half-logic, something demagogic


Day 1

Day 2