2015 March San Francisco

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asking questions as a powerful tool in reframing conversation / argument.

stereotyping people changes how ou de-escalate people

case declentions like in Russians so it indicates something is bitterly sarcastic

Automated double-agent in setting up a "feminist" sock puppet in order to later support things like GamerGate

Invite only, chain of invites where each person is held accountable for who they invite. Exclusionary, but works.

Neuroatypical as not knowing whta an olive branch looks like or feels like

Isoloation of online interaction seeps into ability to interact in teh rest of the world. "I can get away with talking shit because..."

Layers of participation - open interaction up to closed, intimate groups

How did we get here?

How do we get people involved in the Circle of Justice for someone else? How do we do that on something like Twitter? Figured it out for League of Legends.

topic wise, I would be more interested in men & women who are wary of sexism

what is wikimedia pattern repository.

i agree with gallette (?), we need to frame/define/replace 'trolling', that's too broad/ambiguous for me

not sure what the metaphor for a privilege sword is. dangerous, powerful. needs polishing. why not a shield? my privilege protects me or is the implication that i am rescuing a damsel-in-distress. ulp

'safe space' is pretty problematic for me. it used to mean something, in the 80s. which was that we would all commit to enforcing it by speaking up. lately it seems more like just something that clueless facilitators invoke flapping their lips thinking that it is a magic spell for safety while it becomes a collective agreement to be in denial.

when you say nonviolent communication, do you mean NVC the work of the late marshall rosenberg or something more generic?