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  • Take Back the Tech - map of violence
  • Domestic Violence Census (have been doing it for 9 years. Tenth is coming up) (aggregate from the beginning)
  • Drafted Definition of “personally identifiable information” in the violence against women act. Disallowed to be shared
  • A foundation’s “get out the vote app” that asked undocumented people to ask their friends to vote, created an insecure database of undocumented immigrants

Current Examples of Projects

  • Take Back the Tech - map of violence
  • Domestic Violence Census (have been doing it for 9 years. Tenth is coming up) (aggregate from the beginning)
  • literature review of online harassment related research

upvoting and downvoting Lampe - uprooting and downvoting Justin Cheng * Disqus

machine learning Karthik Dinakar - machine learning

mapping experiences of violence

  • Take Back the Tech * have been doing an analysis of information and wider studies. Creating a repository

social network analysis Glad Lotan’s work on Israel/Palestine Facebook study on political bias Grab a hashtag

reports of harassment WAM Report

research for companies under non-disclosure Cindy Southworth has asked companies to go back into its own archives, when doing research. Companies have often been willing to do.

wider data ethics Dwork - Differential Privacy (measuring the degree of effectiveness) Stanford centre for philanthropy and civil society (ethics of data in civil society) bibliography Latanya Sweeney: re-identification

Violence Against Women National Institute of Justice - research program on violence against women. Funded the urban institute to look at teens and dating abuse in tech National Crime Victimisation survey (done by the census workers). Now added some tech. Included spyware in the past, now includes social media — rolling out in 2016.

Cindy Southward: Annual survey, count how many people they assisted, and what they assisted on in a given day, and over the year. Cindy Southward: Survey of local NGOs, asking all the tech they’ve seen. How have you seen victims who have seen stalking by their ex on Facebook. Eavesdropping, surveillance. “A Glimpse from the Field”

Ethics question: ethics over research You should never have research standing between you and help. Asking people to participate in research. If you say, “now that we have all this, we’re going to crunch all this and do research.”

  • You can’t consent to research when you’re worried about trauma
  • Even when you go through IRB, arts-based work is sometimes let through
  • unintended consequences

protecting victim confidentiality Were able to get domestic violence programs protected under the violence of women act


Wall: companies in past used to relate to small numbers of users. Is it right that Facebook that owns all the data?

so much of what is out there is us-based