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====[[Sexuality and Pornography]]====
====[[Sexuality and Pornography]]====
====[[Data Analysis]]====

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Day One

Breakout Sessions Round 1

Security for your organization

Law and Policy

Lessons from Offline

Promise and Perils of Trigger Warnings

What reporting is like for non Westerners

Legal overview

Breakout Sessions Round 2

Law, policies, and values in a non-Western context

The role of anonymity

Interacting with companies

Civility in an online community

Parlio is a new civic engagement platform.

Role of humor

Inclusive community failfest

Breakout Sessions Round 3

Engaging with the media

Intersectional data use

Regaining a community

Trauma-informed interfaces

Day 2

Breakout Sessions

Getting money for feminist activism

Counter Speech

Sexuality and Pornography

Data Analysis


List of Resources

Letter to ICANN

Counter Speech 1

Counter Speech 2

Passing a Law

Victim Advocate Network