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====Letter to ICANN====
====Letter to ICANN====
: https://www.eff.org/document/july-2015-letter-icann
====[[Counter Speech 1]]====
====[[Counter Speech Taxonomy]]====
====[[Counter Speech 2]]====
====[[Passing the Intimate Privacy Protection Act]]====
====[[Passing the Intimate Privacy Protection Act]]====

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Day One

Breakout Sessions Round 1

Security for your organization

Law and Policy

Lessons from Offline

Promise and Perils of Trigger Warnings

What reporting is like for non Westerners

Legal overview

Crowds, benefits and risks

Breakout Sessions Round 2

Law, policies, and values in a non-Western context

The role of anonymity

Platform engagement

Civility in an online community

Parlio is a new civic engagement platform.

Role of humor

Inclusive community failfest

Breakout Sessions Round 3

Engaging with the media

Intersectional data use

Regaining a community

Trauma-informed interfaces

Day 2

Breakout Sessions

Getting money for feminist activism

Counter Speech

Sexuality and Pornography

Data Analysis


List of Resources

Letter to ICANN


Counter Speech Taxonomy

Passing the Intimate Privacy Protection Act

Victim Advocate Network

Academic Research

Intersectional Data Manifesto