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The existing harms of social scripts we ran while in smaller, geographically-constrained groups are being amplified due to network effect. Tiny unchecked errors, scaled, become large harms as people find ways to exploit them, in life just as in software. - Meredith

Weaponized Social is a series of events, discussion, action, and surrounding community to examine the network effects of human interaction, to encourage the healthy and deal with the weaponized. We welcome you to join us at an event, on our mailing list, or to hold space as well.



2015 February New York City


2015 May San Francisco


2015 April Nairobi 2015 August Berlin


Groups we admire / are relevant to what we're working on. Facing History


Guide for Supporting Activism

Self-Awareness Checklist

How to Critique Me


Wielding the Privilege Sword