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Meredith L. Patterson 10:00 AM Yup, he's here Samuel Klein joined group chat. Samuel Klein left group chat. Samuel Klein joined group chat.

Samuel Klein 11:59 AM <waves>

me 11:59 AM where do you want to be?

Samuel Klein 12:00 PM ++ we will use only non-words MPTQ: how are you?

me 12:02 PM I will attempt to actively bridge

Samuel Klein 12:05 PM "Is typography an important non-verbal channel"

me 12:05 PM Various Expression Routes

Samuel Klein 12:15 PM BactrianCamelCasing not yet thanks! Nice Dress no, it's Really Nice . There's a certain "mob humourlessness" people who have a sense of humor in other contexts can be very literal and judgemental online, when echoing someone else's comment [Justine Sacco again] Meredith L. Patterson left group chat. Meredith L. Patterson joined group chat.

Samuel Klein 12:41 PM thanks jason scott Secret: they're always mad

Meredith L. Patterson 1:03 PM strangely, not really we were housemates with weev for about six months, and he was easily one of the least angry housemates I've ever had <TQ> Not just least angry; he was honestly one of the two best roommates I've ever had

Samuel Klein 1:04 PM Ah! I was thinking of Bruce Banner But would love to hear that story thoughtful of others?

Meredith L. Patterson 1:05 PM it was fascinating; almost like he has superpowers of changing the ambiance of a situation, and chose to use them for making the living room of Pilo's apartment a comfortable place for three people to live in a way, even his meanness is quite thoughtful, insofar as he puts a decent amount of thinking into how to fuck with the people he fucks with

me 1:06 PM oh yeah, it takes a massive amount of empathy and understanding to truly fuck with people

Meredith L. Patterson 1:06 PM and at least an equivalent amount into making a potentially high-pressure roommate situation into a really pleasant one.

Samuel Klein 1:07 PM I see that. good trolling requires patience and no fucks given. great trolling requires real empathy [what's on the wall poster behind you?] .

Meredith L. Patterson 1:08 PM Actually, it's the headboard of the hotel bed There's nowhere else in this room that we can fit two people on camera

Samuel Klein 1:20 PM ah At this distance, it looks almost like an info-porn poster post-lunch: want to join the trolling session?

Meredith L. Patterson 1:22 PM ya, definitely tolling.

me 1:22 PM you got it

Samuel Klein 1:22 PM willow on wheels! Selma was the first town they found that would trigger properly on the provocation not the first town approached that's right, that will isolate your genome on that block to the benefit of the community . Q for the room: trolling with compliments? minimal effort needed to trigger conflagrations of different sorts? . I would say violent communication is simply full-spectrum communication able to make use of any range of emotion, flashpoints, and other accelerators of action and response If you have any particular group goal, the fastest paths to that goal often use these accelerators; though may have side effects that NVC tries to avoid

Meredith L. Patterson 1:49 PM Both NVC and VC have side effects; the VC side effects are significantly less predictable Meredith L. Patterson left group chat.

Samuel Klein 2:15 PM Can we come up with a short trollctivist example? successful impact of a small focused group via modern trolling It certainly has worked in physical confrontations in the past, but now you can have similar effect online with a much smaller seed group & less personal risk Meredith L. Patterson joined group chat.

Meredith L. Patterson 2:17 PM We're back, had some laptop trouble

Samuel Klein 2:18 PM welcome back! Did you say "Juggalo friends"?

Meredith L. Patterson 2:18 PM I don't think I did, though I do have one or two

Samuel Klein 2:18 PM

A lovely story. Do you find this logical realignment works well with less-logical people? Meredith L. Patterson joined group chat. Meredith L. Patterson left group chat.

Samuel Klein 2:22 PM Hey Brughness Meredith L. Patterson invited people into the video call. TQ Hirsch joined group chat.

Meredith L. Patterson 2:24 PM It may be more about pressing people on the consistency of their beliefs, come to think of it people tend to like to be internally consistent so if you socratically illustrate to them that they are being inconsistent, by asking them questions based on their beliefs, they'll walk right into the inconsistency and stop

TQ Hirsch 2:26 PM Either that or perform (possibly entertaining) mental gymnastics to explain away the inconsistency

Meredith L. Patterson 2:40 PM It tends to be a pretty good litmus test for how seriously the person takes the beliefs they're espousing, though ie mental gymnastics means they're either trolling really hard or they actually believe inconsistent things

TQ Hirsch 2:42 PM Or just that they don't notice they're doing it.

Samuel Klein 2:43 PM <nod> do we have a tool suite? because WS would be a fine suite name thanks but we can't write