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Online Solidarity

What does/should solidarity look like online especially for social jusice issues and movements?

Space for critique in solidarity

Magical-cyborg feminism for men


The role of acountability for both activism and abusive interactions via social media

Trust and identity verification in online communities and relationships

Social spaces have architecture, but also hosts, guests, culture (like yoghurt)

Subjective Experience and/versus Social Power of Structure

When life sucks even though yr hella privleged: guides to talking as an individual

Social justice mindset vs personal entitlement mindset.

Interruptions are observable phenomenon. cf, derailment

How to help someone understand something they can never experience (or do not believe exists)

How broader social forces impact + influence relationships between individual people

Differentiating between free speech, bad speech, more speech, and harassment


The right to exclude: physical spaces, inbox, community forum

What does social ostracizing mean, when it's a whole, connected world?

The evolution of specialized jargon within internet communities

Immediate Response

Triage of people under internet attack

How to salvage a conversation when communication TOTALLY breaks down

When something goges wrong, what ways of talking abou that are most helpful?

Recovering from past mistakes (or just changing) when everything is so documented

How many cute kitten photos does it take to defuse a nasty comments section?

Conflict Resolution

Reconsilliation versus conflict

The balance between 'explaining up' and 'it's not my job to teach or take care of you, person from more dominant group.'

Self Categorization

How groups self-organize via social media - same, or different than offline?

Globalization and identity: polarizing effect, social growing pain when signifiers lose meaning

Self-categorization: theory and how that creates divides, human nature naturally divides itself and loss of regional categorization limits makes Wild West

Tools for communication and organizing

Chosen versus imposed identities in online/offline environments

Chan culture (as a curcible of ideas)

Opt-In versus Opt-Out

Safe Spaces

How do you tell someone they're using triggering language/terms?

The mechanims and effect of 'safe spaces' within and outside of a community

How can the space of this conversation be made more inclusive to folks who find its discourse un-parsable?

Safer spaces for converation where people can be wrong (and learn)

How we (people) Communicate

Nonviolent communicating, John Gottman's research on marriage, etc

Is ther ea productive use for our anger and/or pain?

Is trolling ever ok?

How do you 'internet'? How do you do it effectively?

'non verbal' cues in text-based (or text and image based) communities

How can we have these hard conversations across major differnce while still remaining warm and open to each other as humans?

What is the decision process internally or collectively before deciding to engage online? (in a specific thread or conversation)

How signfiers lost meaning? Language perverts at faster rate. Hipster/Fedora Wearer/SJW

Does all this being in the zeitgeist mean a positive or negative? VIsibility is important in diversity. We gain this but what do we lose?

One to Very Many

To what extent does engaging with network-scale social change our capacities in other social contexts?

What positive micro-interactions can be scaled-up without losing their character?

The benefits (to marketers) of an emotion-allized audience

Social justice in common space, all at once, rather than peicemeal

How do we keep the 'wins' of the internet, while diminishing the BS?