Online Non-Verbal Communication

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non-explicit and non-verbal communication in text "on the internet, can we punch someone"

Why does this matter?

  • Produce a community of people with shared language or way of communicating is important
  • text for conversational flow to distinguish voice and tone in a community
  • Give a broader range of expressions, expand what's possible

Non-explicit and non-verbal communication in text

  • There are things that are not said in our in-person communications
  • These things are literally not there, that cannot be translated
  • You lose the eye roll or the body language
    • *eye roll*
  • How do we read in between the lines in text?
  • How do we translate our intentions?

Ways we do things to show what we mean, online

  • parenthetical asides
  • put everything in JSON
  • visual drawings
  • emoticons - add facial expessions
  • white space as a tool to represent space or time or rhythm
  • page layouts
  • rules of engagement // class structures // to keep people engaged
  • Bold, italic
  • internet dialects
  • text-speak
  • text-based communications
    • "555" ha ha ha
    • 4649
    • I hv sth 4 u
  • font size
  • casing
  • kerning, letter spacing
  • color of text
  • white space
  • superscript/ subscript
  • hashtags
  • dialects
  • +, ways to show I'm listening and a signal of agreement
  • creation of personality
  • footnotes
  • use of font and word spellings to imply meanings, OK, k, okay
  • use of links
  • color, psychological and cultural

Things to consider

  • A large part of the internet has a built in reward system with false positives.
  • Building web of trust in word choice and the way you say things.
  • You can do things with text that you can't do things with conversation.
  • What happens with language // accessibility
  • how do we have a "oh you know what i mean button"
  • what's left out in text-only relationships?
  • how is time used? and history + context carried over time?
  • Archive knowledge vs. Real time
  • Other stress responses:
    • Fight
    • Flight
    • Freeze
    • Appease
  • What are appropriate stress responses?