Platform engagement

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Platform engagement

Strategies for working with the industry

"Be a benchmark" – create a seal of approval – want ppl to want to work with us, have our stamp of our approval (their good housekeeping seal of approval)

Coordinated rapid response campaigns

Understand companies' pain points (advertisers)

Started with least conflict – orange/yellow campaign (yellow if you knew someone who'd suffered sexual assault, orange if you suffered it yourself; guys/perpetrators acknowledged it and said they were red, apologizing) – "Truth & reconciliation"

Work in a coalition and know your roles

Find your allies (within the co.) and let them leverage you as an external force

Look out for each other (members of the coalition)

Know the laws of your jurisdiction

Know the difference between individual opinion and coalition statement

Be able to tell me what u want from mw in 30 sec or less

Suggestions from industry

Getting anti-harassment into the software dev. cycle isn't easy internally. What u really should be asking is not "I want this feature" but "I want this functionality so that it's updated with the software development cycle (e.g., better brakes in future iterations of a car's design). The question to ask industry: "What would it take for you to get this functionality into the software/community development?"