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Parent/Adult/Child, family relationships Conflict online as very much about sibling, not relatinoship

"Sexuality is the first time that neurotypical people have to explicitly think through something."

People are exacting social scripts without realizing they are piling straws on camel's backs, and how many straws there are.

Youth online risk and social media risk for families and schools. No agency - you are either a perpetrator or victim, more often a victim. The technology you use is inconsequential - if anything, it interferes with your homework. It's disempowering. Conditioning an entire generation with that sense of powerlessness. Couch potato / passive consumption thing. Media is something you consume. Need to understand media is an interactive thing. "It's not real." in an emotional, technical, etc

"The Games People Play" as games theory for social situation. We are *so* social that, denied positive, we seek out negative, because it is better than nothing. "Stroke" as a basic unit of measurement.

Big proponents of anonmymity and human rights. Wanting real names is about top-down. For kids, against passive consumption, we should instead be encouraging people to take a more active role.

Axiomatic - communication will find a way. WoW as a social platform. Can't see your friends due to location and timezones? Still see them elsewhere. Protocols are very dependant on the medium. Tumblr is context-free. In Twitter, you can't see what else has happened in a thread, which contributes to piling on.

Industry responsibility isn't just about backend for reporting abuse, also about frontend interaction and setting expectations. Twitter as 140 characters being wht could be managed.