How to Critique Me

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While I recognise that I don't get to determine how someone critiques me, here are some ways to help me take on the critique and respond more effectively.

Check off the ones which apply.

Channel of Communication

√ I like a live exchange (synchronous)
√ I like to process and respond (asynchronous)
√ I like to see faces
√ I like text
√ I like voice
√ I like physical touch

My minimum response time

I usually take X (hours) (days) (weeks) to respond to critique.

"I'm worried you're not going to respond"

√ I reserve the right to not respond to everything
√ I will respond in the same channel or a channel of your choice
√ I will let you know if I'm not going to respond
√ I will notify you of an estimated time, if I need significantly more time than my minimum


√ I like nonviolent communication (When you blank,I feel like blank, I need blank, can you blank)
√ I like explicitness (learn how HERE)
√ I like indirectness (learn how HERE)
√ I like humor
√ I like dark humor
√ I like debate


√ So many
√ Zomg
√ Whyyyy
√ History
√ Comma
√ You dick
√ _________

How Would You Like Me to Respond to You?